Monthly Giving Program

Help nurture our community by becoming a monthly supporter of MCAC!

Help us reach our goal of getting 25 new monthly donors by December 1, and unlock an additional donation of $2,500. Any additional donations after that will help us towards unlocking an additional $2,500 grant! 

Monthly support of any amount is essential for us to sustain and expand our work. MCAC’s vision is to build a vibrant, growing community where every resident is valued and empowered. We aspire to cultivate New Hampshire into a place where diversity thrives, every voice is heard, and our vision of a flourishing community becomes a reality. But, as you know, we can’t do this alone. We need your support, and it will take all of us to achieve our vision of a stronger social fabric in this state. 


Your donation will support the execution of our community-led solutions like our childcare cohorts, tutoring, and leadership development programs. We are doing the work, and we invite you to join us. As in nature or a village, everyone has a piece to offer and contribute to the whole. 

Through our monthly giving program, we want to cultivate a sense of community and keep our grassroots efforts going. We are excited to invite you to become a part of this ongoing success story.


MCAC is committed to building a culture of care, recognizing how resource mobilization is connected to our grassroots organizing and community work. Unrestricted support is essential for us to have autonomy and agency, and to be sustainable as we continue to build this organization.

To celebrate and connect with our monthly supporters, we are planning to hold a monthly donor appreciation event in January 2024, and hope to see you there! We will also have a special gift for all at the event.

We invite you to be part of this powerful movement, a community-led initiative that works for the community, by the community. Your support means the world to us, and it reduces the burden of raising funds to keep the lights on and our work moving forward, especially in these challenging conditions.

Will you support racial justice in New Hampshire by making a donation to MCAC today?

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